Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Integration Management (EIM) provides an
a portfolio of solutions that enable organizations to trust
the credibility and consistency of their data so they can make
critical business decisions

Delivering Credible Consistent Data to Every Organization

Managing information, and using it to make critical business decisions, is a growing priority for businesses today. However, the increasing volume, complexity, and diversity of data across a typical enterprise, together with the demands of meeting compliance and regulatory requirements, can make the challenge of integrating data extremely daunting.

Calmonna Enterprise Integration Management (EIM) technologies, built on the foundation of Microsoft SQL Server 2022, provide a scalable, user-driven solution that empowers organizations to unlock the business value of their data.

  • Data Quality Services

    Calmonna Data Quality Services enables you to cleanse, match, standardize, and enrich data, so you can deliver trusted information for business intelligence, data warehouse, and transaction processing workloads.

  • Integrating data from multiple, heterogeneous data sources can bring enormous benefits; however, there are many challenges. The data might have innumerous end user data entry errors, different data standards, less rigid constraints, or might be integrated from third parties over whom you have no control. Incorrect data can result in the business not trusting the underlying data to make the right business decisions causing the entire project to lose credibility. Finally, typical data quality solutions in the market have either been very expensive or labor intensive.

  • Integration Services

    Take advantage of a scalable enterprise data integration platform that can extract, transform, and load (ETL) data. Calmonna Integration Services enables you to transform ETL data from any data source type, whether from any sources, without having to do any coding.

  • Integrating data can bring enormous benefits to your organization. By using every available data source you can improve business analysis and enrich reporting, however the extract, transform, and load (ETL) process can be extremely time consuming. Data from different sources must be transformed into a consistent format, cleaned, aggregated, and merged.

  • Master Data Services

    Calmonna Master Data Services provides a central data hub that ensures the integrity of information and consistency of data is constant across different applications.

  • The data that a typical modern enterprise owns is normally distributed across a range of systems and stored in a variety of formats, making it a challenge to maintain data governance. Transactional databases, line-of-business applications, data warehouses, and other systems often contain different versions of the same data; and mergers and acquisitions that involve integrating data from multiple proprietary systems, can make this problem even worse.

  • Reporting Services

    Calmonna Reporting Services is a comprehensive, highly scalable solution that empowers real-time decision making. Reporting Services enables the creation of operational reports for pixel-perfect printing and browser-based viewing as well as ad-hoc data exploration and visualization.

  • Calmonna Reporting Services enhances agility and offers greater choice by extending reporting into the cloud, allowing customers to take advantage of the cloud’s accessibility and elasticity.

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