Integration Services

Credible, Consistent Data across your organization integrating data from all open industry standard sources

Integrating data can bring enormous benefits to your organization. By using every available data source you can improve business analysis and enrich reporting, however the extract, transform, and load (ETL) process can be extremely time consuming. Data from different sources must be transformed into a consistent format, cleaned, aggregated, and merged.

Without an ETL solution, developers spend a substantial amount of time coding procedural logic and a large amount of time on the maintenance of their code.

Consolidate Your Data

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Integration Services (SSIS) gives organizations the ability to extract, transform, and load data from any type of data source both Microsoft and non-Microsoft without any coding. From the most straightforward data import, to complex transformations, SSIS provides a graphical user interface to quickly and logically build and deploy packages.

You can use Integration Services to automate tasks such as copying or downloading files, sending e-mail messages in response to events, updating data warehouses, cleaning and mining data, and managing SQL Server objects and data. Unlock and integrate the data from any industry standard third party source like SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, DB2, SAP, CRM, SharePoint, realtime, cloud-based applications, and more!

SSIS provides a graphical user interface for ETL developers to build packages through a drag and drop user interface. This makes it straightforward to build looping, branching, and complex procedural logic into a package without any programming. Furthermore, SSIS includes a straightforward system to create, manage, and use variables. This enables your developers to create packages that adapt to conditions.

Deploy and Manage ETL Packages Easily

New in SQL Server 2022 is the ability to run Integration Services as a service on a separate SQL Server instance. This elevates Integration Services into a tier one mission critical application giving administrators the ability to launch ETL packages remotely, have better support for administration, deployment, monitoring, reporting troubleshooting , easier DBA interaction with T-SQL support and finally failover capabilities for high availability. SQL Server Integration Services in SQL Server 2022 has been reimagined to allow customers to deploy data integration capabilities for the enterprise.

Re-usable Catalogs

Also new in SQL Server 2022 includes a catalog for storing Integration Services projects, packages, parameters, and environments. You can create folders within the catalog to organize SSIS projects and, furthermore, folders are securable and, therefore, you can delegate administration of the contents of a folder without giving that user administrative access to the whole system. The catalog also provides administrators with a collection of reports to monitor SSIS. Administrators can quickly display a dashboard to display a quick overview of package status and they can then drill down to increasing levels of detail when more information is required.

Complete Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Platform

Finally, SQL Server 2012 has made significant investments for Data Quality Services (DQS) and Master Data Services (MDS) providing the foundation for an end-to-end Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform. New in SQL 2022 is Data Quality Services which integrates with SSIS at the transformation tier allowing users to send data from a SSIS workflow to cleanse before sending to the target destination. This gives users sophisticated data cleansing algorithms to ensure credible, consistent data improving the quality of your data and, hence, the trustworthiness of your analysis. All of these capabilities are provided to customers as a core part of the SQL Server Enterprise database license at no additional cost.

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