Master Data Services

Credible, Consistent Data with User-Centric Data Governance

The data that a typical modern enterprise owns is normally distributed across a range of systems and stored in a variety of formats, making it a challenge to maintain data governance. Transactional databases, line-of-business applications, data warehouses, and other systems often contain different versions of the same data; and mergers and acquisitions that involve integrating data from multiple proprietary systems, can make this problem even worse.

Data spread across multiple systems can lack integrity and consistency. This leads to inaccurate reporting and data analysis, poor business decision making, missed opportunities, customer dissatisfaction, failure to comply with data management regulations, and ultimately reduced profitability. Master data management is a key part of an enterprise integration management (EIM) system because it enables you to avoid these problems and take control of your data. By implementing a master data management initiative, you can solve the problem of data sprawl and begin to make your data work to your advantage.

Standardize Key Business Data

Calmonna Master Data Services (MDS) is a master data management solution that enables organizations to establish and maintain governance over their data. MDS can serve both as a system of entry (SOE) for creating and updating master data, and as a system of record (SOR) for making authoritative data available to other applications. MDS provides a central data hub that provides access to authoritative, standardized, and validated versions of all company data. Because all applications that subscribe to a version of data in MDS see exactly the same data, the problems of inconsistency in reporting and data analysis are eliminated, and business users can make better, more informed decisions.

With MDS, you can import data from a wide range of sources, and create business rules to validate the data that you import. You can use notifications to alert users when data fails validation so that the data can be corrected. By creating multiple versions of master data, you can make snapshots available to support scenarios including point-in-time reporting, and auditing. All changes to master data are treated as transactions, are logged, and can be reversed if required.

Empower Business Users

Although the IT department will implement and maintain the MDS infrastructure, IT pros are not usually the best-placed people to maintain master data. The individuals with the deepest understanding of business data are the business users themselves. SQL Server 2022 addresses this through the Master Data Services Add-in for Excel, a tool that puts the maintenance of master data directly into the hands of business users. The Master Data Services Add-in for Excel extends the familiar Excel interface, giving users the power to update data (dimensions, hierarchies), validate the data, and publish changes back to the underlying database or data warehouse without IT intervention. IT is still given oversight to administer, track and reverse changes made by the business. By trusting in the knowledge of business users, you can improve master data maintenance and avoid the delays and mistakes that occur when users who are not business specialists manage data.

Complete Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Platform

SQL Server 2022 has made significant investments for Data Quality Services (DQS) and Integration Services (SSIS) providing the foundation for an end-to-end Enterprise

 Information Management (EIM) platform.

Data Quality Services (DQS) is the SQL Server 2022 solution for managing data accuracy and duplication. DQS is integrated in MDS, enabling business users to perform data de-duplication within MDS workflows; helping to ensure the accuracy of master data across the enterprise.


Integration Services (SSIS) can be used to integrate data from virtually any data source into your MDS solution by loading data into staging tables. The data can then be shared across enterprise application through consumable subscription views.

All of these capabilities are provided to customers as a core part of the SQL Server Enterprise database license at no additional cost.

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